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Norton Security

Today i am going to write a review about the software Norton Security. What is that you may think. It is a Security program for Pc’s it protects you from harmful virus like trojan virus or if you visit a site that has a harmful substance in it and without you being aware it worms into your Pc. Unless you have a virus protector like Norton Security witch prevents the virus going into your pc.

What is so good about this product:

  • You can scan your files
  • You can scan your files
  • It scans a file first before it can be downloaded
  • You get a warning if you visit a web that has a virus
  • It removes trackingcookies from your pc.
  • It scans your pc every day
What is not good about this product:
  • Getting the notifications saying extend your premium.
  • Sometimes it blocks a program while its from a verified company with a good reputation.
  • It screws up a function on your pc so you have to turn off your Norton security

Overall about Norton security:

I find it a good antivirus program. A lot of people has a different opinion about it because they have a very bad experience about it. But over time the antivirus became better and listened to their customers. And the reason why I find it a good program is because it is easy to use you have no unnecessary application that you don’t need or don’t even use. The price are reasonable too.


I recommend you guys to use Norton security it changed over the years and don’t let people who used it only once discourage you by using it.