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Norton Security

Today i am going to write a review about the software Norton Security. What is that you may think. It is a Security program for Pc’s it protects you from harmful virus like trojan virus or if you visit a site that has a harmful substance in it and without you being aware it worms into your Pc. Unless you have a virus protector like Norton Security witch prevents the virus going into your pc.


Ah yes, the Apple Laptop. I use it personally for all the work that I do. If it has something to do with school or just work. It’s a supercomputer if you have to do homework or just work for a company. The Apple laptop comes with inbuild apps and functions that you don’t have to download or install fi you ever have to. It’s very compact and very light in weight, because it so light, it’s very easy to take with you were ever you’re going. If It’s in a bag or in you’re hand


An Apple laptop might be good something but it’s very expansive if you want to buy a brand new one. Usually a laptop cost’s around 1500 euros. If you want to buy one it might be best to wait a few years so that the price drops. A different goner is that schools would rather use Windows instead of Apple, because of this some fuctions apps or files won’t work. Het is also not a very good gaming computer.